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That's The Way It Was

Way down on the old panhandle
That's where I met her you know
She moved here from Louisiana
And she could never let Louisiana go

She shot a fellow in Baton Rouge
And ran to Alabam'
But she found herself here in Texas
All alone on the Rio Grande

That's the way it was
I swear
If it's not the truth darling I'm your millionaire
That's the way it was
I swear
So baby please give me one more chance
That's the way it was

And that's where she made my connection
All the things she made me do
We ran from the cops we ran from judge
But I couldn't think of anyone but you

So that's how I found myself right here
Doing time in the county jail
All because of that Louisiana girl
Trying to find someone to pay my bail

My jailhouse lawyer spoke to me
For an hour just yesterday
He couldn't believe the fix I'm in
And you know how I know crime doesn't pay

Way Out West