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To Prove My Love To You

To Prove My Love To You

I'd walk across Kansas in a New York minute
climb the Colorado mountains in the fall
Crawl through Arizona like a flatland lizard
if I thought it'd do me any good at all

I could swim Lake Erie with my hands tied behind me
Eat a West Virginia coal miner's shoes
Drink the Mississippi River
if it took a mouth of Sundays just to prove my love for you

I remember well the first time that I kissed you
Cause the things ain't been the same ever since
You got me thinkin' I could eat a ten penny nail
and spit out a barbed wire fence

Now there ain't a livin' creature gonna evert come between us
I'd fight lions snakes and gorillas too
And if that ain't enough we'll start all over
just to prove my love for you

I could ride my pony through the eye of a hurricane
climb Mount Everest on a string
Jump Niagara Falls in a burnin' barrel
and bring you back a hoop smoke ring

Wrestle alligators in the Okefenokee
there's nothin' I wouldn't do
If you just say the word I'll catch that Great Speckled Bird
and bring it back to you