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Together     (Levy/McGuinn)

Love was never good to him
All his days were spent in shadows
Standing near the carousel
Watching lovers spin around, together

Noone could remember why
Noone heard his lonely story
Walking in the crowded streets
Past the couples holding hands, together

Oh the music in the word
And the feeling he could feel
The rush of rivers flowing
and the touch of something real
Dreaming of a tiny light
in the distance of the night

Keeping secrets to himself
Smiling at the conveersation
Dinner with an old-time friend
Look at all the people there, together

And then, and then he met her
And suddenly his life was upside down
A summer party by the sea
and all the time the fear that she
would make him play the clown
But oh how warm the look she gave
And oh how sweet the song
He met her and his heart was swept along

Nothing lives that cannot die
Noonoe loves except forever
So he promised he would try
and they started out, together

Roger McGuinn   "Peace On You"
Columbia Records  1974