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This evening I feel alright
This evening's perfect for a song
And I only have a room and a cup of coffee
Tonight I feel good all alone

Through the night I don't need anyone
The night I'm here with my smoke
And I feel also you and I can learn
Not to hurt your shutter or ourself

And I think of the eddy attic things we've written
For ten years we've done everything
In a hurry like a budga once
Maybe now's the time we can waltz

This evening I feel ok
This evening I write as it comes
And I only have a room and a cup of coffee
Tonight I'm waiting just for you

Because the hurry has gone away in a hurry
And completly lost his direction
You and I have changed very slowly
But we've changed and we know it

I hope you won't be afraid no more
I'll being burned by me anymore
In my home with my cup of coffee
Tonight I only want for you to come

This evening I know I can tell you
And I only hope you want to hear it
This evening not is not wasted
Really want to tell you that I love you

Maybe tomorrow there won't be the right moment
Or maybe tomorrow I would fall right into it
Or maybe I will hate my home and my coffee
Because you will not want to share them with me

Skip Battin - Don't Go Crazy