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Too Young To Die    (Jimmy Webb)

I recall my so called misspent youth
It seems more worthwhile every single day
Cruisin' Van Nuys and actin' so uncouth
All the joys of runnin' away

There was no speed limit on the Nevada State Line
The air was red wine on those top down nights
Just you and me, my old rollerskate
And the common sense to know our rights

Sweet old racin' car of mine
Roarin' down that broken line
I never been so much alive
Too fast for comfort
Too low to fly
Too young to die

You say a man can't love a material thing
with aluminium skin and a cast iron soul
But they never heard your engine sing
Ah there's peace in losin' control

"Sticky fingers" turned up real loud
Ah, we were flirtin' with catastrophe
We were doing everything that's not allowed
Life didn't come with a warranty for you and me

Sweet old...

There is peace in losing control
When I die I don't want to go to heaven
I just wanna drive my beautiful machine
up north on some Sonoma County road
with Jimmie Dean and Steve McQueen
All the boys be singin', singin'

Sweet old...

David Crosby   "Thousand Roads"
Atlantic Records   1993