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The Walkin' Blues     (Chris Hillman/Steve Hill)

Lord carry me home, what more can I do
I've done everything that can be done
There's a solid great pawn no words can pass through
I can't  rest right now and I just can run

So body and soul down this old dusty road
Gotta put on my old walkin' shoes
With my heart on my sleeve this is the message I leave
Don't look for me, I got the walkin' blues

I'll walk like a blind man
and count the steps I take
I won't turn my head until I feel it true
And I'll leave it all behind
Bury this heartache, that's the way you walk
when you walk the blues

I've spent most of my life and all of my change
Tryin' to fill up these workin' shoes
Seasons have passed, has it all been in vain
Win or lose, I'll be walkin' blue

I'll walk like a....

"Rice, Rice, Hillman, Pedersen"
Rounder Records 1999