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Walking Through This Lifetime (Clark)

Walking through this world
Looking for the reasons
Why I find myself in sorrow
Watching lonely people
Lift their heads in searching
For some time that they can borrow

Wondering if freedom is reality
Or is today just passing by the way
Will another lifetime be free from pain
For is this how it's meant to stay

Walking through this lifetime
Passing souls and glances
Leaving now until the next time
All the eyes are hurried
Looking for somebody
Who will see the same thing at the same time

Trusting that tomorrow will be sure
And tomorrow there will surely be a way
But seeing another who is seeing the same
The absolute must be today

Walking through collections
Of powers passing fancies
Sometimes I think there's nothing but believing
Then there's someone gentle
That makes you feel forever
And then they tell you that they're leaving

And we speak of times and places we have been
I wonder if there's ever been a nether
Endings and beginnings without and within
In time there is no measure to forever

Gene Clark The Lost Studio Sessions 2017