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When You Find Out Who We Are

It's of a strange and furious time
when men did speed to pray
Along the road of discontent to gods of gold and clay
Some did seek security
Among the seas of change
And some did seek dear life to wound
a furious time and strange
But when you find out who you are
Beautiful beyond your dreams
Just look around and
notice where you are
Just look around and notice what you see
Each moment born for you innocently

But when I see what we have made
What we have out with the mind's blade
In the blackness feel it all
Repeated faces rise and fall
With ancient goals unwondering fail
Further obscure the ancient trail
Filling with the endless years
The river of your heart's tears
I swear you have the power
as the angels do
Spread out your fingers and
make all things new
Change the world by the things you say
By the things you love
And by the games you play
And you make each new day

It feels so funny in your mummy's tummy
Before you get born into
the world for to carry on
Remember young man of the time
before you first went to school
How did it feel trying to live to the rule
Remember young man of the time
when your love stick
First rose free between your legs
Like a growing tree
Remember you walked with your lover
Like a gypsy and a gypsy queen
Under the stars where the sign was seen
Under the stars where
the leaves were green
Under the stars where the sign was seen

0 how many shining hearts
With love has guided me
And many I have met before
in lands across the sea
We used to speak of that ocean deep
How little words can say
It's better now to ask your friend
What makes him sad today

No one can do it for you
Make your own sky blue
Make your own dreams come true
Make it come true