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Whitehouse Blues
Trad. arr. Richard Greene

Peter Rowan - Lead Vocal, Rhythm Acoustic Guitar
Clarence White - Lead Acoustic Guitar
David Grisman - Mandolin
Bill Keith - 5-String Banjo
Richard Greene - Fiddle
John Kahn - Bass

Oh, McKinley hollered McKinley squalled
Doc said "McKinley I can't find the cause
You're bound to die, you're bound to die"

Oh, yeah
The doctor he come running he took off his specs
He said "Mister McKinley better cash in your checks
You're bound to die, you're bound to die"

Now, look here you rascal see what you've done
You shot my husband and I've got your gun
Carry me back to Washington

Oh, baby
Nixon in the White House doing his best
Johnson in the graveyard taking his rest
He's gone, long gone

Oh, don't it strike fear into your hearts

Art And Music (BMI)