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Without You    (McGuinn/Levy)

There was no one else but you
from the moment that we met
Foolish dreams were coming true
It's a time I can't forget

Be my wife for evermore
Be my girl and comfort me
Put the lock upon the door
Smile and throw away the key

Without you without you
I'm without you

With the movement of your head
you could tell me what was wrong
Was it something that I said
Was my love for you too strong

If I know this thing I did
that was always in your way
I could make you do my bidding
I could make you want to stay

Now I'm here without a friend
Cup of coffee in my hand
Walk the floor without an end
Staring at your wedding band

Without you without you
I'm without you

Roger McGuinn   "Peace On You"
Columbia Records  1974