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Wrong Side Of Town
(Larry Burnett)

Bobby Little lives on the other side of town
He's got a picture of a girl in a gown
He tells his daddy," someday you'll see, she will be with me."
His daddy tells him, " Son its just not right
She's from money boy, she's not your kind
Dont even call, shell just turn you down
You'refrom the wrong side of town."

But every Sunday after sunday school
Dressed in his finest hopin' she never knew
He'd walk her home then he'd say good-bye with tears in his eyes
She lives uptown in a big white house
He knows someday but he don't know how
Lord its not what he prefers, he'll have to break the news to her
He's from the wrong side of town

He doesn't have money, no he doesn't have have fortune or fame
And he doesn't understand why he has to live his life in shame
But he knows that he loves her, can he make her see somehow
It shouldn't matter if he's from the wrong side of town

Next Sunday its the same routin, oh but this tiem hes wearin' his jeans
He thinks its teh last time he'll walk her home, then he'll be alone
He takes her by the hand the truth he'll face
He knows in his heart she's gonna walk away, but she takes him by surprise
She looks into his eyes and says " Your from the wrong side of town."

Well I don't need money, no I don't need fortune or fame
And I dont know why you have to live your life feeling ashamed
Dont you know that I love you, well I hope you do by now
It doesn't matter if your from the wrong side of town
No it doesn't matter if your from the wrong side of town

Oh Bobby Little lives on the other side of town
She stands beside him in her wedding gown

From Elan

Rick Roberts tells:
We were coming off two commercially successful records,
so we were willing to stretch out a little on this one.
"Wrong side of Town" definitely doesn't sound like what
people were used to hearing from the band, and it was
actually kind of a surprise to us, too. But it's a quirky tune
that Larry Burnett wrote, and I think it's pretty cool.