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The Byrds speak on

The Boxed Set

Roger McGuinn - PopMatters 2004

These are people I know and love to work with. All of them, Stan Lynch and John Jorgenson especially. I have to tell you a funny story about them. When the Byrds box set came out back in '91, Sony Music said "Well, would you guys be willing to do some new tracks?", so we went to Nashville and Crosby and Hillman were there, and we did a couple of songs together, then it was time to do my song, that Stan Lynch and I had written together called "Love That Never Dies" right? So Crosby and Hillman bug out. They said "Well you guys can handle it." [laughter] So Stan Lynch, John Jorgenson and myself were the Byrds for that song. There are no other Byrds on that song, and it got played on the radio -- it was like a Top 40 hit.
I don't think they even noticed it. [laughter] I think it's funny because it goes to prove the name "Byrds" is just a name alone, really.