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Here Without You (Clark) 

Daytime just makes me feel lonely
At night I can only dream about you
Girl you're on my mind nearly all of the time 
It's so hard being here without you

Words in my head keep repeating things that you said
Wen I was with you 
And I wonder is it true do you feel the same way too
It's so hard being here without you, being here without you

Though I know it won't last I'll see you some day
It seems as though that the day will come never 
But there's one thing I'll swear though you're far away 
I'll be thinking about you forever 

The streets that I walk on depress me
The ones that were happy when I was with you 
Still with all the friends I know and with all the things I do 
It's so hard being here without you being here without you 

The Byrds   "Mr. Tambourine Man"   Columbia Records   1965
The Byrds   "...In The Beginning"   Columbia Records  1988
Gene Clark & Carla Olson "Silhouetted In Light" Demon Records 1992
The Byrds "Preflyte"