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Roger McGuinn
Gene Clark
David Crosby
Chris Hillman
Michael Clarke
guests: Wilton Felder, Johnny Barbata Dallas Taylor, (Neil Young?)

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The Byrds speak on the album

1.  Full Circle  (Clark) 7.  Cowgirl In The Sand  (N.Young)
2.  Sweet Mary  (McGuinn/Levy) 8.  Long Live The King  (Crosby)
3.  Changing Heart  (Clark) 9.  Borrowing Time  (Hillman/Lala)
4.  For Free  (J.Mitchell) 10. Laughing  (Crosby)
5.  Born To Rock'n Roll  (McGuinn) 11. (See The Sky) About To Rain  (N.Young)
6.  Things Will Be Better  (Hillman/Taylor)
outtakes:  Fair And Tender Ladies (trad.)
  The Wagoner's Lad (trad.)

During the recording of The Wagoner's Lad